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Secrets of the Avatar – Join Jeff Herring & Jim Edwards as we show you how to create your Avatar Profile that gives you a clear picture of your Ideal Customer – Click here to catch us LIVE on Thursday July 22 at 3 pm ET

3 Value Drops

  1. Templates simplify the Internet
  2. Wizards simplify the Internet
  3. Templates & Wizards are an unbeatable combination


Samcart –Whether you are selling digital products or online services, SamCart is the easiest way to start creating courses and accepting orders.

Lighthouse Family Retreat – Atlanta based organization serving families living through childhood cancer.

Show Notes

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Great Resources

1) 21 Genius Templates – 21 Genius Templates for Articles, Blog Posts, Videos, Calls to Action, and More!

2) Content Creation Nation – Genius Templates, Content Creation, Courses, BootCamps, and More Designed to Help Create, Repurpose, Profit!

3) The Jim Edwards Method Premium – 76+ Software “Wizards” and Monthly Training

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