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3 Value Drops

  1. Create your content
  2. Publish your content
  3. Repurpose your content – repurpose your content at least once. And many more times after that – see this week’s daily episodes at 12:15 PM ET


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Show Notes
00:00:02 Welcome everyone to the smart content income podcast, the podcast for content creators. I’m Jeff Herring. And I’m your host. Let me start that again. I’m Jeff Herring and I’m your host, and I’m so glad as always that you’re here. Our theme for this week is content repurposing. I’m really excited about you discovering the power of content repurposing. So each day,
00:00:25 including today, followed by Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, you will get a powerful content creation tip. And some of those days we’ll focus on exactly how to repurpose on different platforms. One in particular will be ticked off. All right. So today I want to talk about insanity and sanity. I bet you’ve heard the definition of insanity, right?
00:00:51 And sanity is defined as when you keep doing the same things over and over that don’t work and you just keep doing them and expect different results. Okay. That’s in sanity. Have you ever heard of hyper sanity? Hyper sanity is one of the definitions of repurposing because hyper sanity or repurposing hyper sanity is when you use the same thing over and over again in multiple places and get great results.
00:01:24 I’ll say that again. Repurposing hyper sanity is when you use the same content over and over on different platforms in different ways and get great and fantastic results. Now, with that for a, for a baseline, let’s talk about the number one rule for repurposing. Now here’s the there’s three steps to content. There’s content creation. There’s create repurpose and profit create repurpose and profit.
00:01:57 Okay. Here’s what most people do. And I’d say probably at least 75% people will do is they’ll create content but not publish it, which I know that sounds nuts. But what people get caught up in is perfectionism. And you know, I know I’ll step on some toes here, but perfection, perfectionism is not noble. It’s selfish because it deprives the world of you and your life changing message.
00:02:29 Okay. Now I will, I will stack my piece of content online. Imperfect could use improvement may even have typos. I know I just gave some of your fits. Okay. I would stack that piece of content working for me online against anybody’s piece of content. Almost perfect. Not yet a few more tweaks, maybe in the next day, week,
00:02:53 year, month. Okay. It’s still on. I’m sorry. Still in your computer. It’s still in your computer and it’s not been published anywhere. I’ll stack mine up against that any day. Right? So the rest of the folks, if 75% do that, then we’ve got 25% left, left, at least where I went to school right now about,
00:03:18 about 15 to 20% of those folks will publish it somewhere. Okay. And that’s a good thing. That’s a good thing. Now the top five to 10% will create publish, and then repurpose create publish, and then repurpose in multiple places. So here’s the number one rule for content repurposing when you’ve created and published your content. I know it feels good,
00:03:48 so great to finish that piece of content. Even better to get it out there, but guess what? You are not done. No, no, no, no. You are not done. You are not done until you’ve created, published and repurposed it. And at least one place you are complete only when you’ve created it, published it and repurposed it in at least one place.
00:04:15 And we’re going to show you so much about that here on a repurposing week in the smart content income podcast. Okay. So join us every day. This week here at 1215 Eastern for another one, podcasting tip and application. Now I want to talk with you about something that’s coming in next month. We’re taking the genius templates and upgrading them so much and doing a specific create repurpose profit genius template challenge.
00:04:52 Okay, we’ll start on August 8th. So mark your calendars and you’ll be hearing more about that as we go on. So remember to, or you can go to smart income, smart content, income And that will take you to a site that has all five of the top five places. You can subscribe to a podcast. Okay? Thanks to our sponsor lighthouse,
00:05:23 Family Right now, Even as we speak, there are family partners that are volunteers working with families, living through childhood cancer down in Florida, eating lunch. Cause I’ve done it so many times. I know the schedule. Okay. And so we thank them and thank you for your contributions to them. Today’s wardrobe and snacks were provided by how to apply makeup in
00:05:48 and coming up tomorrow is a brand new wardrobe and snack provider with a website that is long overdue to be in existence. And as always kids, Hey, go use the stuff, go use the number one rule of content repurposing, and we’ll catch you tomorrow for more great repurposing tips, more great content repurposing tips, catch you then.

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