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4 Value Drops

  1. Create Your Content with Genius Templates
  2. Publish to Medium –
  3. Repurpose 5 Ways in 5 Minutes
  4. Repeat Daily


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Show Notes

Well, welcome everybody to the Smart Content Income Podcast, the podcast for content creators. This is Jeff Herring, your host, and as always, I’m glad you’re here and I’m so glad to be with you. We’re in the middle of a three-part series called Three Genius Template Series, and the name of it is Create, Repurpose, Profit. So welcome. Glad you’re here.

In episode 20, we created a piece of content using the Barrier’s Genius Template. If you weren’t a part of that, go back and listen to episode 20. It’s a quick eight minute episode where you’ll learn how to create a really cool piece of content using the Barrier’s Genius Template.

Today, we’re going to take that same content, in episode 21, and repurpose it five ways in five minutes. Yes, I’m going to show you how to do that. Then, in episode 22, we’re going to show you how to take the same piece of content and turn it into an information product, a course, an ebook, or anything else you want. Of course, we’ll have a surprise bonus. And let’s dive right in.

So, there’s four steps to this. Step one is you create your content with a Genius Template. For this, we use the example of Barriers. You can use any of them. There’s dozens of them that you can use. Then I want you to publish that content piece to a site called And when you go to … and I’ll put this in the notes too, when you go to, that’s, I encourage you to … you can join it for free, and publish and get in the profit program, and all that, the partner program. I recommend you go ahead and make the whopping $5 a month investment, so that you can have access to all the content on Medium. If you just do the free version, you’ll get like six articles a week, and that really limits your research, your connection with people, and you’re building a list from there. And when you do that at, you’ll get a free … it’s in development, a free Medium course about how to profit on Medium that I’m working on. So you publish to Medium.

The cool thing when you do there after you publish, what I call, a magical box, will pop up and it will allow you to repurpose in three places with just a few clicks. Now, if you’ve been with me for any length of time, you know I like to take things like that and make them even better. And we have done that. So what you’re going to do is you’re going to repurpose to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn on that page. You click the Facebook link and it will put the graphic from your article and the title of your article on a Facebook post.

Now, what I like to do, instead of just saying click here, or whatever, click below, I like to go and get the first few sentences of that article and paste those into the Facebook post to build a little bit of, what I call, article or content intrigue to get people really wanting to be part of that. And so, there you go, that way you can post to your Facebook profile. Now, you can also post to Facebook groups, pages, and events. And so what I’ll do on that first one is profile, and then there’s a button you can push to post to your Facebook story. So that’s two ways. Your profile, your story, and then I post to three different groups. I post to this group, I post to another paid group, and I post to my Content Creation Nation group. So there’s five ways and I’ve got two extra ways for you. So you can really do seven ways in five minutes.

Then you do the same thing over on Twitter. You can’t have as many characters as you might want, but you put in as many as you can, 280 with the link, and again, it includes the graphic, and then you go over to LinkedIn and post the same longer article intrigue content, intrigue post, and again, it gives the link and the picture. You can also put keyword … I mean, yes, keywords, hashtags over there that LinkedIn likes and that way in less than five minutes, it may take you longer the first time kids, but in less than five minutes with practice, you can repurpose a piece of content, not just five different ways in five minutes, I call it five ways in five minutes because it just sounds cool with the alliteration, and then I get to over deliver. You get to do it seven ways, Facebook profile, story, and then you can do the next three. You can do three groups like I do, or you can do group page, event or any combination of those. And then you repurpose to Twitter and you repurpose to LinkedIn and you’ve repurposed seven ways actually in five minutes or less.

So step one is create your content with a Genius Template, for this example, we’re using Barriers, publish it to Medium, and when the magic box pops up, you can repurpose say five to seven ways in five minutes and then step four. Very profound so buckle in here. Step four, do it again and again, and again, daily, if you want, at least weekly. I recommended the very minimum, two to three times a week. And as it says on your shampoo bottle, folks, rinse and repeat. So there you go.

Now, again this week, our surprise bonus is a free test drive, a free month test drive, 30-day test drive in Content Creation Nation, which I mentioned earlier, you can get that going at,, and always remember to catch us at And you can subscribe at the five big places, Stitcher, Spotify, Apple, Google, and Amazon Music, by going to And you’ll be able to click on the buttons to get involved on all of those places. And we thank our sponsor as always, this week it’s, an organization local here in Atlanta. Has nothing to do with getting rich. It’s all about a change in perspective, realizing that we are already rich and learning how to do it well. This organization raises money for local, state, national, and international organizations that are helping people. Feeding people, housing people, clothing people, and 100% of everything that comes in, goes to this organization. Last year, we raised $7.1 million, 100% went to these organizations and those of you that were a part of that, thank you very much. And we can also be now at

Today’s wardrobe provided by I think it would be awesome. What a ticket? Right? Get Al Franken and Jill Stein to run together. Both of who have thrown their hat in the ring before, and the ticket would be Frankenstein. Wouldn’t that be awesome? Whose slogan is monsters can be politicians too. Today’s snacks provided by, whose slogan is you can smell our butts for miles. And we will catch you folks for episode 22, here’s how to profit with your content. And as always kids, go use this stuff because as you keep seeing, it flat out works.


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