Membership Matters Monday – Short Term Membership Strategy, Join Memberships “Free”, The 3 C’s of Membership Content

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3 Great Value Drops

  1. Jeff – Gather your existing content into a 5, 7, or 9 week “Beginner’s Guide”
  2. Teresa Kuhl – To join the membership of your choice at no extra cost to you, review your Paypal monthly payments and cancel those you no longer use to get the new monthly payment
  3. Scott Whitaker – The 3 C’s of Membership Content: Catalogue, Categorize, Calendar


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2) Content Creation Nation – Genius Templates, Content Creation, Courses, BootCamps, and More Designed to Help Create, Repurpose, Profit!

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Show Notes

00:00:00 Welcome everybody to the first ever smart content income podcast. The podcast for content creators. This is Jeff Herring, your host. I’m so glad you’re here in a moment. I’m going to give you an overview since this is the first one, but what we’ll be doing here, but first here’s what you’re getting today. First, I want to share with you one of my best successful short term membership tips,

00:00:24 and then Theresa cool is going to be on with a super cool. See what I did there three. So cool, super cool strategy to join a membership. And then Scott Whitaker, a membership multiplier will show you how memberships are perfect for content creators, with the three CS of content. And at the end, we’ve got a surprise bonus for you in celebration of our first week.

00:00:48 And speaking of first week, this will be a Monday through Friday podcast and what I call noon 15 Eastern that’s 12, 15 Eastern, 12, 15:00 PM Eastern. Cause we speak Eastern here. And here’s the schedule for this week. Mondays are membership Monday, tomorrow, Tuesday was template Tuesday, followed by wizard Wednesday, seeing Thursday and fun Friday. Okay.

00:01:12 So tomorrow I’ll tell you about how I made a woman cry. I want to tell us on Wednesday, we’ll talk about the psychology and wisdom of wizards Thursday, because the theme this week is content creation. I’ll talk with you about the seven reasons you need to be creating and publishing content. And then Friday, now you guys got to know this is fun because my guest is Mike Stewart who helped me set this whole thing up.

00:01:36 And we’ll be talking about content creation and content marketing, because he’s doing it in a unique niche with pest control. Okay. So if he can do it, you guys can do it too. And so that’s one of the schedules we’ll run. And then on other weeks there’ll be theme weeks where each day you get a little piece about that theme looking at next week,

00:01:58 either doing niche it or repurpose it one or the other, and you guys can let me know what you might think is the best. All right. So that first tip my most successful short membership tip come back with me to it’s probably 2010 and, and it was called article marketing for beginners. And all I did was had 12 sessions and all I did was send a PDF with instructions and a short video about what to do and did that for 12 weeks,

00:02:35 $37 a month for three months. Okay. The beauty of that is it’s really affordable and it also gets your folk used to paying you monthly. Now here’s a little insider tip about that. When I started it, when I launched it on a Thursday, I only had three of the 12 sessions done. Okay. So that tip is you don’t have to have everything before you launched one of these things.

00:03:01 You just have to stay at least one to add. Okay. So I was three had to watch. So I, by every Thursday I had to have another one in, it was my rule. Now I will admit that there were some Wednesday nights where I was up pretty late getting that next one in because it was going to be out the next Thursday,

00:03:21 but you can do this. So you wouldn’t gather up stuff. You’ve already got around and turn it into a 5, 7, 10, 12 week, many short-term membership site, give them a PDF, give them a video for what to do. And there you go. And of course at the end of that, and the perfect invitation is into your regular monthly membership. All right.

00:03:47 So now we’re going to bring on board. One of my students, Theresa Kool, who several months ago, wanting to come on board with content creation nation and found an incredibly creative way to do it. So let’s bring on Teresa and Teresa. What we’re going to do is we’re going to do a three minute version here of your really cool story. So go Hi,

00:04:17 Jeff. Okay. Well, it was very simple when I first heard what you were going to do in the nation as we call it, I knew without a doubt that I wanted to be a part of it. I knew that in this membership, I could learn everything I needed to learn, to grow and keep building my business. And I knew you,

00:04:44 which was the number one reason I wanted to be a part of it because Jeff tells it like it is, it tells the truth. He teaches you the easiest way to do it. And he’s funny. So anyway, it was a little more than my budget would allow and I didn’t really know what to do about that. So all of a sudden I thought of this one subscription.

00:05:06 I was paying every month for something that I didn’t really pay much attention to it. And I thought, well, that’s 30 bucks. And then I just pulled up my PayPal and all of my subscriptions. And I just went through them. And with each one I said, is this going to give me more value than being in content creation nation? And when the answer was,

00:05:29 no, I canceled it. And I got myself within, you know, like 20, 25 bucks. And I wasn’t sure what to do for the last little, tiny bit, but I didn’t want to join unless I could stay. So I looked and I had a Jeff Herring membership that I was in for 20 bucks a month. And so I canceled it and I’ve been in the ever since.

00:05:57 And I love it. So folks, folks think of it this way. How many times would you, I mean, it sounds awful. She canceled one of my memberships. Well, how many times would you trade $20 for $97. Okay. So it worked out really well. I love that strategy and Theresa, I want to tell you that lots of people have used it since then,

00:06:20 as I talk about it, I’ve even used it a couple of times. So any final words about your grade, any final words about Your group? I just, you know, and truly Inge my, my in my hand income, not a bit, not a penny and it’s and it’s worth it. Please join. It’s it’s flat out the best content membership around.

00:06:50 I believe that. Thank you. And you know, you’re already, you know, you’re already, you’re already answered. My next question was how does membership matter to you? And you just answered so hats off to Theresa, just to, just to sum up folks. What she did is she went into her PayPal and she found things that she wasn’t using.

00:07:10 We can all do that. I I’ve been doing that recently and canceled them so that she was able to get into the membership. And it was funny that she was $20 short and then supposed look mine, but all I’ll trade 24 97 all day long. And so I thought it was a beautiful strategy because the bottom line is folks. She got in the content creation nation for not a penny more than she was already spending.

00:07:37 Now that’s a great way to come into a membership. So Theresa, thank you very much, net coming up next is my go-to person for all things, membership, Scott and I have known each other for several years. We were in a mastermind earlier in our lifetime with Dan Kennedy and Scott has got it going on about memberships. And we’ve had several conversations about this,

00:08:05 but memberships or, and memberships are excellent places for content creators, right? Because you’ve got this content to put in your membership. And Scott is going to give us the three CS of content in somewhere between three to five minutes. No, that’s a challenge for you pal. It is man. It is. Hey, listen. I want to thank you for the opportunity to share with your audience here.

00:08:30 And let me just go ahead and give you the three CS right up front. So as content creators, the three CS of content inside your membership comes down to this. It comes down to your content, catalog, your content categories, and then your content calendar. All right? So your catalog, your categories and your calendar, I’ll break it down even further.

00:08:53 So your catalog is everything that we could be providing your members. I mean, literally any, any piece of content you’ve written in the past, because I know as a content creator, you have forgotten what you did last year. You’ve forgotten about the content that you created two years ago, let alone just three months ago. So you keep this catalog of all the content that you’ve created.

00:09:17 Then you categorize it, meaning that you break it into categories. What’s the main theme of this piece of content that you’ve got that you’ve already created. And so you’ll find these themes. Think of it as almost like a library. I mean, you go into the library, like here’s all the books, this is all the content that they’ve got. Then they categorize it.

00:09:36 Here’s our fiction books. Here’s our non-fiction books. And then it’s categorized even further, like, you know, here’s Saifai or here’s business and finance, personal growth, all of that. So you can categorize it any way you want, but you put it into categories. Then after you do that, you’ve just put it on the calendar and you put it on a calendar.

00:09:56 You say, Hey, in January, I’m going to do this in February. I’m going to do that March, April, may. And then now you never have to worry about what you’re going to provide your members. Never like it’s already just on the calendar. So people asked me like, you know, Hey, what do you provide in your membership?

00:10:12 What are you going to be doing in the month of December? Like, I can just pull up my content catalog and it tells me right there. I know exactly what I’m going to be doing. So does Jeff, I mean like that’s how he’s broken this down as well in his content creation nation and enables you to provide a well-balanced membership experience. Because if you don’t do this in this process,

00:10:36 what ends up happening is, is there’s content that you get really, really passionate about, but your members are looking for content about other subject matters or other things that you promise you were going to provide. So it forces you to be a well-balanced membership when you have your catalog broken into categories and put on a calendar. So how’s that Jeff? I think I got it in time.

00:10:59 Yeah, well Done. Well done. And what I really, really loved about doing this when you had to do it was the, the categories categories, but what’s the first one, the catalog category. Yeah, the category, because I have a huge whiteboard, actually it’s a whiteboard wallpaper covering an entire wall back in another room. So I got the markers and went back there and played and I thought this would be,

00:11:26 you know, like two minutes saying, holy smokes. I filled up that whole board and I thought, okay, now I get it. And then breaking it down into categories. And then the calendar, I love it because how long do you plan out ahead doing that? So I, what I do is I do a one-year look ahead, so I I’ll get together and,

00:11:47 you know, just have an entire day of planning and plan out the following year. So about September, October of this year, I will have already planned out 20, 22. It just, you know, it takes some time. I, again, as I develop my catalog, I’m able to go back in and add stuff to my catalog. I’m able to look back and see what I did for my members previously,

00:12:10 just like you do in content creation nation. I mean, like, just to say it there’s content that your members need every so often because they need to, they need to hear it again. And so you teach it again and you’re bringing new elements into it. Somebody thinks, you know, just because you have a membership, you can’t reteach it.

00:12:27 Yeah. You can reteach it again. And you know, there’s a masterclass that I do it every January, every January, it’s the same masterclass because they need to hear it every single January. So there’s little things like that, that a UTeach Geoff, that on re-purposing content that people will get as well when they joined that content creation nation. So I can’t say enough about you,

00:12:50 Jeff. I mean, you know, I, I appreciate our friendship and all that you’re doing to help content creators out there, man. So keep on crushing it. Thank you, sir. And I so much appreciate you being here and get ready for the transition back to the green room. All right, now I promised you guys a surprise bonus and all this week celebrating our launch of smart content income podcast.

00:13:16 You can join what we talked about off and on today. Content creation nation, you can join for a month trial free test drive for free, where you want to go is smart content, four slash three 30 smart content forward slash 30. It’s the digit three zero, not the number smart content forward slash 30. You’ll get entire access to everything we have over there.

00:13:47 Monday morning, money-making content creation and all the other stuff we do. All my courses, all my, this, all my, that. Everything is there for you to get to try it out for an entire 30 four slash three zero. My thanks to reset and Scott for being guests on the first ever episode tomorrow on template Tuesday, it’s all about how it made a grown woman,

00:14:15 cry on a teleseminar and then turned her into a superstar as well as the first episode of will it blend. Okay. Remember to From there you can subscribe to any of your major or your favorite podcasting sites. Now it’s kind of a thing. Our sponsors, including the white house family, local Atlanta organization, that works with families, living through childhood cancer and crazy glue secret stuff com how to unstick your fingers and get the glue off your fingers and out of your hair in 30 days or less today’s wardrobe by the annual Satrapi Florida warming,

00:14:59 Breton contest. Today’s snacks provided by Billy Bob’s roadkill. Snacks of sucks, Georgia. Now it’s your job to decide which one of those is a real in which one of those isn’t, you know, we can have fun here, right? And there’s always kids go use this stuff and we will catch you next time.

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